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Undergraduate Prospects: What Now?

By Elliot Morgan

For third year university students, the final furlong has begun as the Easter break comes to a close. In less than a month, exams will finish and deadlines will have passed, leaving the door open for a batch of new undergraduates to enter the job market and the world of work. Continue reading


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Sheffield Hallam To Collide In Cross Codes Game

Sheffield Hallam’s Rugby Union and Rugby League teams will face off for the first time ever in a cross codes game.

The game will see the sides play each other in a one off match. With the first half played by rugby league rules and the second by rugby union’s law book. Continue reading

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Student’s Organise Charity Bungee Jump

Students from Sheffield Hallam University are attempting to change the belief that student’s are lazy by setting up a charity bungee jump and abseil.

The event is being organised as part of their third year business course, and will take place on the 20th March. This course module requires them to set up and run a charity event in order to pass their degree. With all proceeds going to two charities of their choice. Continue reading

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Student Myths, Busted!

By Elliot Morgan

Students. We have a few stereotypes. A lot in fact. But are they justified? Are we really at the bottom of societies opinion food chain? Or are we mis-represented and tarred with the same brush? Continue reading

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Tuition Fees vs Graduate Tax. Which is better?

By Elliot Morgan

It’s no secret that those wanting to progress to university as of this year will have to pay more money than those gone before. There has been a lot of noise made about the state of university funding, student finances and higher education repayments over the past few months, but how many of us know what the score really is?

One of the more popular buzzwords in the middle of this national revolutionary episode is “tuition fees”, according to coalition government policies and reviews, this will be replaced by a “graduate tax” as of 2012, a supposedly fairer, progressive system which will benefit students and ease the pressure on the current state of Britains economy. Still confused? Allow me to break it down…

In the red corner…..TUITION FEES

This is familiar to all of those who have been at university since loans were introduced in 1997, including students currently at university. The main features of which are;

  • A capped amount of money of up to £3,290 a year, which goes straight from the Government to the University.
  • Students recieve thousands of pounds in direct government funding for all courses
  • Graduates currently pay back 9% of their salary after they begin earning over £15,000 per year. A higher rate of payment but for an overall lower amount of money. After 30 years the loan is wiped out if not repayed.

In the blue corner…..GRADUATE TAX

The new system being implemented through a review by Vince Cable (Business Secretary) and Lord Browne. The main features of which are;

  • Tuition fee cap will rise to £6,000 a year, in some exceptional cases as much as £9,000 a year
  • Direct funding will be wiped out for almost all courses & responsibility for payment will go directly to students.
  • Maintenance Loans will still be provided but will slashed by almost half & Maintenance Grants will rise slightly for poorer students.
  • Graduates earning over £21,000 a year will start paying back just 3% of the loans off their salary but you pay back more money, if you earn more money. After 30 years the loan is wiped out.

 The main argument FOR these changes is to ensure, in the long term, those who wish to pursue higher education from financially less priviledged backgrounds, are able to do so, as technically, those who benefit the most from their degree, will have to pay more back.

This will work as Universities looking to charge the maximum fee of £9,000, will be obligated to recruit students who are entitled to the most amount of student loan. Under the new scheme, student loans will go into an independent fund, to be distributed equally between all Universities, rather than individual Universities benefitting from the loans it recieves directly from their own students, under the current set up.

Top institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford will almost certainly charge the maximum amount. So expect to see more of your “average joes” decending on the Bullingdon club in the coming years.

However, sceptics of this change claim that the Graduate Tax Scheme would be unfair on those who do better at university as they would start earning more earlier, therefore they will have to pay back more earlier and as a result would be charged more for their education, subsidising others.

A spokeswoman from UniversitiesUK, an organisation which represents the views of over 100 Universities nationwide, said “The new system has no up front fees and a significantly improved package of support for postgraduates, part time students and those from less privelidged backgrounds. Nobody liked tuition or top up fees being introduced, but as you can see, quality education and a degree pays for itself if the work is put in.”

“We are and have always been opposed to education budget cuts but the reality is that we need to deliver the high education standards that students demand in the current situation, nobody likes being told to take on more debt but this is the reality and we need to look forward, not behind.”

So, there it is. Like it or not, in the short-term, university education will cost more and students will need to think carefully about whether they are prepared to take onboard the responsibilty of paying back more than triple the amount of money that students pay now. Is it worth it? You decide. But for now, I think this poster sums it all up…..

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University or Education? England rugby star James Gaskell – ‘Why I Quit University’

Mohammad Amir’s 5 year ban from competitive cricket at the age of just eighteen has forced him to look back on his decision to dismiss his education and chase the cricketing dream.

He has now admitted that dropping out of school was a mistake. Leaving him contemplating what to do with his life.

While Amir is having to face this reality at a young age many ‘sports stars’ face this exact same dilemma when their playing days are over.

This decision to give up on learning is not uncommon in professional sport and in the modern era with it’s mental, physical and emotional demands it may not even be possible to play at the highest level and continue with higher education.

James Gaskell

James Gaskell, 21, of Sale Sharks and England risked everything by giving up his education and dropping out of university to concentrate on sport. He believes that you only have one chance and when it comes around you have to grab it with both hands.

James Gaskell on why he stayed dropped out of university,

“It’s [playing for Sale] a once in a life time opportunity. If I’d taken three or four years to go to university then there’s a chance I could of missed out on a contract at the end of it. I wasn’t guaranteed one. I had to really take the opportunity that was put in front of me.”

Even at the top level it used to be the case that all players had second jobs. But with the money involved in today’s market most players are either ill advised or believe that after they finish playing they will have enough money to live a life of luxury. Although not everyone makes the grade and injuries are always possible. Leaving hundred’s of athletes out of a contract, with no club and no education.

Chris Bryniarski

Chris Bryniarski, 22, of Coventry Blaze, Great Britain and Sheffield Hallam believes that getting an education is more important than succeeding in the sporting arena.

Chris Bryniarski on why he stayed in education.

“I would go with university. I’d go with university purely because it [playing] doesn’t last. Anything could happen in ice hockey. If you have a degree then you can get a better job. Over here in the UK professional ice hockey doesn’t pay that well and lots of players have second jobs.”

Bryniarski is happy to admit that if he hadn’t come to Sheffield Hallam then he probably would have dropped out to concentrate solely on ice hockey.

“The university is really good for me, they give me a lot of time for Ice Hockey. Thats one of the reasons why I cam to Sheffield Hallam.”

Sheffield Hallam University is one of the universities’ at the forefront of encouraging these young players to attend university and is dedicated to giving these individual’s a chance to complete a degree. Sport’s Officer Colan Leung gave me this statement regarding their Talented Athlete Scholarships:

“The High Performance Hallam programme aims to attract talented student athletes to study at Sheffield Hallam University and offer support to balance their university life and achieve their sporting potential.

“The High Performance Hallam programme is available to athletes who are currently competing at the top level within their sport and are either full-time or part-time students at Sheffield Hallam University.”

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Winter Varsity Kicks Off

Winter Varsity 2011 kicks off tomorrow with the much anticipated ice hockey match.

The match sees players from the Sheffield Bears split in two and face off against each other in order to gain bragging rights for their university.

Any friendships or loyalties are left behind as players from Hallam and Uni compete against each other for this annual event.

Chris Bryniarski, Sheffield Hallam, believes it’s one of the most fearsome games in the hugely successful club’s season.

“The varsity match is renowned for grudges. I think in all the teams ice hockey is the biggest event. The players like to push and shove each other a lot more in the games.”

Last year the event drew a crowd of over 4,000 and this year they are expecting even more fans to descend upon the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield.


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