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Amsterdam: A Trip to the Student Mecca

The Keizersgracht Canal

As I stepped off of the ferry in Rotterdam, I knew this was not going to be any ordinary trip. After all I was not in the Netherlands to see the tulip fields of Lisse or the open air museums of Arnhem; I was there to experience the student paradise that is, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam's famous 'slanting' buildings

 Upon arrival I had time to take in the scenery of a city which is undoubtedly beautiful and quirky, especially the picturesque canal running through the city and the tall buildings which benefit from Amsterdam’s “non-straightening” restoration policy. But upon remembering that I was in a city where prostitution and marijuana are legal, I was keen to explore the mischievous side of the Dutch capital – the side that sees students flock in their droves all year round eager to experience the surprises this small city with a big reputation has to offer. So upon leaving my bags at the hotel I ventured ‘behind the scenes’ and was soon exposed to the numerous sex shops, brothels, sex cinemas and “coffee shops” that have made the city famous, and of course wanting to immerse myself in the culture I made sure to sample the local “coffee”…


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Student’s Organise Charity Bungee Jump

Students from Sheffield Hallam University are attempting to change the belief that student’s are lazy by setting up a charity bungee jump and abseil.

The event is being organised as part of their third year business course, and will take place on the 20th March. This course module requires them to set up and run a charity event in order to pass their degree. With all proceeds going to two charities of their choice. Continue reading

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