Hallam Win Varsity 2011

Sheffield Hallam retained the Varsity trophy for the fourth year running following a 1 point victory over Sheffield University.

The event, that runs over 8 days, came down to the final day. With Hallam clinching the title with 31 points to Sheffield University’s 30.

Unlike last year Hallam already had the result wrapped up before the main event kicked off at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough stadium. Making the men’s first eleven football game something of a non event.


Despite this thousands of fans turned up to see the final game. Creating an intense atmosphere that wouldn’t have seemed out of place at a Sheffield derby.

The game itself was quite a quiet affair and resulted in The University of Sheffield claiming a 2-1 victory

over their rivals. Causing disappointment for both sets of fans, and ending the event on a quiet note.

Kick Off

The match, which was being officiated by World Cup Final referee Howard Webb, started in quite an open fashion with both teams pushing forward in search of an equaliser. Sheffield University made the first break through after 20 minutes. Scoring from a neat ball into the box.

Hallam continued to press forward and 10 minutes later scored the equaliser from a long shot that was fumbled by the opposition goalkeeper.

This sparked wild celebrations from the players and fans alike. But they were short lived and following another keeper error Sheffield University were back on top.

The next 45 minutes of play were passionate but less than entertaining and the game remained the same until Howard Webb blew the final whistle.

Final whistle

Hallam’s first team captain, and centre back Darren Norman was understandably disappointed by the result.

“I’m gutted to lose, we finished higher up than them in the league and we beat them earlier in the year. So we should be winning. At least we didn’t cost the university Varsity though.”

Sheffield Hallam Sports Officer Colan Leung was delighted with the overall result.

“It’s amazing to win and the support for the last 8 days has been incredible. I want to thank everyone that competed and the fans for making it such a great Varsity.

“Hopefully we can build on this and keep the trophy for another year.”

Hallam Sports Officer Colan Leung and Football Chairman Dan Deakin with the Varsity trophy



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